15 Most Useless College Majors

While attending college offers you the chance to broaden your horizons and make new friends, it can’t promise a profitable post-graduation career. Although an employee with a college degree makes more money than somebody with a GED or standard diploma on average, your major may be a more reliable determinant of your long-term hireability and income possibilities.

The 10 college majors outlined below have been found to provide relatively few career possibilities and reduced income potential. Even though you shouldn’t let statistics alone discourage you from pursuing the career of your dreams, it is critical that you realize what lies ahead for you in the practical world. Continue reading

9 Futuristic Skyscrapers That Will Blow Your Mind But Also Scare You

Every year, eVolo hosts a worldwide competition to challenge architects and designers to design skyscrapers that respond to the technological and environmental trends of the future.  Here are the 9 skyscrapers of 2016 that will blow you away and make you terrified of our future at the same time.  The top three in the contest are in the last 3 pages.  Click “Next Page” below to see the 9 skyscrapers. Continue reading

10 Jobs Where Women Make More Than Men

girl chart

The discussion of equal pay is talked about often, but most commonly from the perspective that women are not getting paid the same amount as men. While there are a number of industries with a large discrepancy in pay rates between men and women, that doesn’t mean there aren’t jobs where women make a higher salary.

Here are 10 jobs where women earn more than men: