15 Most Useless College Majors

10. Culinary Arts

  • Starting salary: $35,000
  • Mid-career salary: $51,900
  • Annual online job postings: 31,438
  • Related job: Cook
  • Projected 10-year job growth: 9.3%

Low earnings and limited job openings don’t add up to a tasty career. Even head chefs only earn around $40,180 per year on average, and you’ll need at least five years of experience just to be one. It’s quicker and cheaper to start working in the industry right after senior graduation and skip college, since most cook jobs don’t demand a college education.

Alternative major

A better option might be to concentrate on the administrative aspects of a restaurant. Business administration degree earners usually start off at $45,800 annually and work their way up to $72,900. You’ll also be qualified for more jobs, as almost 4,300,000 jobs have been recently posted looking for business admin majors.

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