15 Most Useless College Majors

1. Sports and Exercise

  • Starting salary: $35,200
  • Mid-career salary: $56,000
  • Annual online job postings: 1,000
  • Related job: Physical Trainer
  • Projected 10-year job growth: 15.8%

While exercise is an essential ingredient in a healthy lifestyle, selecting it for your major might not be the best regimen for a lucrative career. Although the number of senior citizens and current health trends have increased demand for pertinent occupations like physical therapists, work therapists, coaches, and dietitians, hiring companies don’t often look for people with sports and exercise majors.

Alternative major

If sports and exercise are your burning passions, this could actually be an appropriate major for you – but don’t be surprised if you need a lot of extra schooling to bag the most rewarding careers. For instance, a physical therapist requires another several years following college graduation to get his or her doctorate degree. Fitness coaches likewise require further certifications and often have their Master’s.

It might be better to pursue a broader major like health, which usually leads to an entry-level salary of about $38,200 and a later annual income of around $67,400. People with health degrees also have far more job opportunities, with over 107,682 jobs listed online during the last year.

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