15 Most Useless College Majors

4. TV and Movie Production

  • Starting salary: $39,600
  • Mid-career salary: $66,500
  • Annual online job postings: 3,639
  • Related job: Producer
  • Projected 10-year job growth: 8.5%

If you’re not yet a Tinseltown bigwig, being a producer might be less rewarding than you thought. The career’s median annual income of $69,776 certainly isn’t bad, but it’s significantly lower than the lavish salaries of the Hollywood elite who earn millions on each film. Furthermore, these majors are low in demand, and just 36% of people who select them feel they are making a meaningful contribution to the world.

Alternative major

Majoring in English literature may be a better outlet for your literary passions. This major will still be useful in pursuing a TV or movie production career, but it will train you for a wider variety of careers in case you choose to travel a slightly different path as well. Close to 2,400,000 jobs were posted online looking for English lit majors during the last year, and employees in related jobs have a typical entry-level income of $40,400 annually and mid-career earnings of $75,300.

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