15 Most Useless College Majors

6. Anthropology

  • Starting salary: $39,100
  • Mid-career salary: $59,600
  • Annual online job postings: 923
  • Related job: Anthropologist
  • Projected 10-year job growth: 18.2%

Although the forecasted job growth statistics for anthropologists seem promising, there actually aren’t that many available positions. Right now, about 8,255 people in related positions are employed in America, and that figure is predicted to increase by 1,505 people by 2025. Despite this large percentage hike, there will still be comparatively few opportunities for the 12,000+ students currently majoring in anthropology, and you’ll need at least a master’s or doctoral degree to be a full-fledged anthropologist.

Alternative major

Being a history major will whet your appetite for anthropology while increasing your job prospects. In the last year alone, over 2,700,000 jobs were posted online for individuals with a history degree. In addition, ex-history majors make more money, earning about $41,100 per year to start and $74,200 annually by the middle of their career.

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