15 Most Useless College Majors

8. Art

  • Starting salary: $36,500
  • Mid-career salary: $57,300
  • Annual online job postings: 31,438
  • Related job: Artist
  • Projected 10-year job growth: 4.3%

While the occasional artist makes it big, this isn’t usually the case. Artists like painters and sculptors don’t generally make much money, with average earnings of around $23,860 per year. That’s because the demand for their pieces depends a lot on the income and always-changing tastes of the public. When the economy is low, buying art is not a high priority in most homes.

Alternative major

Aspiring artists might be better off applying their skills to the more profitable field of advertising. Marketing majors enjoy average earnings of $44,300 annually and, after some time, $81,400 per year. Advertising experts and researchers are predicted to increase new openings by 28.2% by 2025 and normally generate over $62,200 each year.

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