9 Futuristic Skyscrapers That Will Blow Your Mind But Also Scare You

7. Return to Nature Skyscraper

return to nature skyscraper

Thailand designers Nathakit Sae0Tan and Prapatsorn Sukkaset envision a future in which humankind has to adapt and assimilate to the power of mother nature in order to survive.  The concept of this structure is to provide floors as vertical spaces, but with an open plan to provide ventilation.  Of the design, they stated that they designed this skyscraper “with nature as the main usuer and human as parasites of the planet, struggling to survive and camouflage, living toward the very end of the race.”  Additionally, the stated that this “set of skyscrapers would be a symbol for the cruelty we’ve done to nature, and what we have to pay back; including how human should adapt in order to survie.”  Kind of morbid if you ask me.

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