9 Futuristic Skyscrapers That Will Blow Your Mind But Also Scare You

5. Air Stalagmite – Air Filter Skyscraper

air filter skyscraper

American designers Changsoo Park and Sizhe Chen designed this air vacuum with the world’s most polluted cities in mind.  This structure hosts a large vacuum on its lower floors, which then sucks in the polluted air and distributes clean air that is distributed at the top of the structure.

4. Adaptive Skyscraper Hospital

adaptive skyscraper hospital

Chinese designers Chen Linag, Sun Bo, Wang Qun, Zhang Kai, Choi Minhye designed this hospital that shifts and transforms according to the needs of patients.  In this hospital, the patients would not be required to move. Instead the wards will move according to the needs of the patient.

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