These 10 Companies Let You Take Naps

Sick and tired of getting caught nodding off at your desk? ┬áThen you’ll probably want to work for these 10 companies, which encourage their employees to take naps to be more productive.

1. Google


The perks and benefits of the Google office is pretty well known these days, including the nap pods provided for tired employees. Google calls their napping pods EnergyPods, which are actually reclined chairs that block out light and sound. Furthermore, Google’s EnergyPods will wake sleepy employees up when their nap time is finished, meaning you’ll wake up at the perfect time to feel refreshed and ready to get back to work. The nap pods are there to keep employees rested and fresh, but the perks of the office also encourage employees to come in earlier and stay later. When there’s no reason to go home and nap, you can work even longer.

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