14 Things Only Government Employees Can Understand

What it’s like working for the man.

1. Your Reaction When Your Friends Tell You They Have To Work On Holidays

tom cruise laughs


2. …But You Have To Beg For The Day After Thanksgiving Off Because You Don’t Have Seniority

i really need this


3. Being Good At Your Job Isn’t A Requirement To Get A Raise


Just doing the minimum required will do…


4. Making Backroom Deals For New Office Equipment Is The Norm Because It Takes Forever To Get Them Through Official Channels…

handshake fistpump

It’s a jungle in this habitat


5. You Never Have to Worry About Health Care Because Government Health Insurance Really Is The Best…

kind of incredible


6. When You Find Out Someone Quit, Died, or Retired…Because That Means A Promotion Just Opened Up

michelle dancing


7. …But Didn’t Get The Promotion Because 1,000 Other People Also Applied

throwing stuff


8. Your Workplace Is Still Using Technology That Pre-existed Civilization

old computer


9. You Work Twice As Hard As Some Of Your Co-workers…But Get Paid The Same


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10. Those Free Bus/Train Passes…


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11. How You Feel When Someone Gets Fired….Because It Never Happens

holy shiet


12. There’s always that one person that loves cats a bit too much


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If you don’t know who it is….it’s probably you.


13. Food keeps missing from the community fridge…but the office can’t figure out who’s stealing the food.

Even if you ask them, they will just deny it.

no i didn't

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14. But despite everything,  you know you are damn lucky to be a government employee

dance scrubs


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